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Apple-specialized training for Mac and Imac   |   Government Certification", Graphical and Animated Theory.   |   6 days practical workshop for engineers in Mumbai and Goa.   |   Specialise in apple MACBOOK, MAC AIR and IMAC chip level repair training   |   Books on apple laptop and windows laptop with Flow chart , diagram handbook for engineers .

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Laptop Body Repair Fabrication Powder

Debug Card

Combo Debug Card: Laptop + LCD Monitor + Desktop

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Mini Pro TL866 Bios Programmer with 5 Sockets


Training videos

CONTENTS videos in english and Hindi Language

  • BASIC ELECTRONICS concepts and function
  • working priciple of desktop motherboard
  • how to solve battery charging issue
  • how to repair dead desktop motherboard
  • desbug card functios and codes
  • how to repair no display problem
  • how to read LAPTOP SCHEMATICS
  • BIOS flashing & SIO BIOS flashing
  • motherboard chips function
  • how to solve dimm display and white display
  • ME REGION BIOS flashing
  • BGA rework and reballing
  • signal testing using OSCILOSCOPE
  • How to solve short circuit using DC power
  • practical tips on different generation motherboard


Hard Copy Book for Engineers and technician

This is a practical graphical reference book which uses simple testing methods to provide technical assistance for any Laptop and desktop motherboard failure, Hardware and Electronics related. The testing method mentioned in the book will provide accuracy in any Laptop and desktop Motherboard Repairs. The benefit of this book is that the reader can understand a Technical shortcut, diagrams, power sequence , charts and repair flowchart, saving significant time. This book will provide most of the information needed for chip level laptop repair and solve problem for the majority of readers. There's a lot of flowchart to diagnose in desktop and laptop motherboards like Dead Laptop, Display Issue, Battery Issue, Dim Display and White Display and many other problems. The experience and advice provided within this book will assist you repair numerous chip level technical problems, and perhaps aid you on your way to becoming your own laptop and desktop repair expert.

  • best book for every repair engineer

Graphics to Non Graphics Converter

Graphics to Non Graphics Converter : 100 files