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Apple-specialized training for Mac and Imac   |   Government Certification", Graphical and Animated Theory.   |   6 days practical workshop for engineers in Mumbai and Goa.   |   Specialise in apple MACBOOK, MAC AIR and IMAC chip level repair training   |   Books on apple laptop and windows laptop with Flow chart , diagram handbook for engineers .

Online Training Course

Provide videos from Basic Eleconics to advance chip level repairs of desktop Motherboard and Laptop motherboard. (more than 2000 schematics diagram, more than 1000 bios bin file, BIOS password removable tools, ME CLEAR BIOS files, desktop motherboard diagram, repair flow chart, beeps codes, flash codes, debug codes, notes). One session free on teamviwer. Share on google drive, hard copy of CHIP LEVEL LAPTOP REPAIR MADE EASY book.


Videos in Training Course Chip Level Laptop Repair


  • Electronics Components & their testing (2)
  • MOSFET Function & testing
  • Linear power regulator & Pulse width modulator power supply
  • Desktop motherboard Power Sequence
  • How to solve dead Desktop Motherboard
  • Desktop motherboard CPU VRM section.
  • How to solve Power on no display Desktop motherboard
  • Understanding Desktop motherboard schematics diagrams.
  • Understanding debug card in Desktop motherboard
  • How to solve Power on no display fault finding 4th generation onwards.
  • How to solve short circuit problem in laptop
  • BGA reballing and rework with HT 500 BGA machine
  • How to solve USB, SATA, Audio & Network problems.
  • How to solve WIFI not detecting problems.
  • Voltage & Signal Testing via multimeter & OSILLOSCOPE
  • How to clean ME Region Problem.

Laptop Section

  • Laptop voltage distribution
  • Volt in and battery charging section function and diagnosing.
  • 3 volt and 5volt generation circuit (2)
  • How Laptop motherboard power function, CPU VRM section and diagnosing.
  • Compal, Quanta & Wistron Motherboard Power on to reset Section (3)
  • 5th generation on words power sequence section.
  • Motherboard chip Function of CPU, SIO, PCH, MCH, ICH, BIOS, clock chip (2)
  • Reading and understanding Schematic diagrams and test point
  • Types of CPU Sockets
  • CPU Types & Generation.
  • CPU Functions.
  • SIO function and important pin out with their operation.
  • How to solve Dead Laptop with Flow chart.
  • How to solve Dead Laptop practically.
  • How to solve dim display and white display problems.
  • How to solve Power on no display fault finding