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Apple-specialized training for Mac and Imac   |   Government Certification", Graphical and Animated Theory.   |   6 days practical workshop for engineers in Mumbai and Goa.   |   Specialise in apple MACBOOK, MAC AIR and IMAC chip level repair training   |   Books on apple laptop and windows laptop with Flow chart , diagram handbook for engineers .

Chip Level Laptop Repair Course

We offer practical chip level laptop repairing courses, Animated and Graphics Thoery easy to undestand any person. Hands on practicals with all latest generation make and models. Live demonstration with all latest tools and Instruments. Support after course completion.


Basic Electronics

  • Current, Voltage, Ampere, Wattage
  • AC and DC supply.
  • Resistor with its ohm’s law.
  • Diodes with rectifiers.
  • Capacitors, Inductors.
  • Transformers, crystal
  • MOSFET types and function.
  • Digital electronics
  • Integrated chips types SMD, BGA
  • Component checking by Digital multi-meter.
  • Types of Power supply and it’s working.
  • Adopter working principal

Instrument handling

  • Soldering and desolrdering
  • Digital multi-meter
  • Removing ICs by Hot Air Gun Machine.
  • BGA Rework re balling and rework
  • Oscilloscope digital storage
  • Ram card tester
  • CPU socket tester
  • Debug card codes and function
  • Power Unit for short circuit testing
  • Regulated DC Power Supply
  • Oven Reflow
  • BIOS Programming & SIO programming

Advance Laptop Service Training (Chip Level)

  • Laptop Assembling and dissembling.
  • Linear Regulator & Buck converter supply.
  • Desktop motherboard Power sequence. C2D to latest generations.
  • Laptop power steam & VRM, suspended voltage & always voltages.
  • Voltages on different chips.
  • Laptop different section working principal.
  • Block diagram of Laptop & signal flow.
  • Clock frq. & voltage flow on motherboard.
  • Battery charging section.
  • LCD & LED section. Dimm, White display
  • Inverter Section and CCFL.
  • CPU fundamental and generation core i3 i5 i7
  • Identifying CPU by their sockets
  • SIO function and pin out and testing
  • Function of PCH, SIO, Clock, BIOS chips,
  • power sequence till reset circuitry
  • Function of audio section, network section
  • Function of Touch pad & keyboard.
  • Bios programming EC BIOS and PCH BIOS
  • Digonosing HARD DISK, USB, and fan related issue
  • ICs detail and function.
  • Understanding board view.
  • Fault finding procedure of laptop.
  • Use of Debug card post error code.
  • Understanding schematics diagram
  • Power seq. of compel, quanta, wistron, Foxconn motherboards
  • Common problem of different motherboards.
  • Fault finding using digital multi-meter & socket tester
  • Fault finding using Oscilloscope (DSO).
  • Fault finding in LCD & LED monitors
  • Different password removing methods and steps.
  • SIO Programming & Fault finding SHORT CIRCUIT using DC power supply.
  • HINGES & body fabrication etc.
  • Practical chip level faults finding dead motherboards, power on no display, short circuit problem, dim display, white display
  • How to repair dead laptop